Best Personal Development Books

Books are a cheap way of increasing your knowledge. You can buy plenty of books for the price of a single training course. Another advantage is that you can read a book in your own pace, making sure that you understand what you are reading.

Nowadays, there are plenty of personal development books to choose from, finding the right books for you may take quite some time. Here are some books that we highly recommend.


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker
Secrets of the Millionaire MindThis book may be pretty basic but it shows what kind of mindset you need in order to become successful. The book is easy to read and the author’s rules for success are straightforward. The book is not perfect, the author is fond of promoting his seminars and the book does not contain much you can directly apply to your daily life. But the book is still well worth reading. Having the right mindset is extremely important and this book gets you going in the right direction. Here you can learn what the customers at say about this book.


Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrat, Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Cashflow QuadrantRobert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad books have become tremendously popular. We like the Cash Flow Quadrat more than the bestselling Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The Cash Flow Quadrant focuses on money, the idea is to increase your passive income so that it exceeds your expenses. Yes, the book could have been shorter but Kiyosaki’s concept about Employee, Self-Employed, Businessman and Investor is powerful. Everyone needs to be an investor and preferably also having their own business. Being an employee or self-employed is not the way to get rich. Unfortunately, the book does not explain how to become a successful businessman or investor but no one said it was easy to get rich. Click here to see what the reviewers at say about this book.

The Magic of Thinking Big, David J. Schwartz
The Magic of Thinking BigThis is an old book, it was first published back in 1959, but still going strong. The author argues that people are thinking too small, limiting themselves. The content is timeless and the book is easy to read. Schwartz provides plenty of examples to drive home his main points. His book has helped a lot of people to improve their lives. Today, there are plenty of similar books but this is the original and it is well worth reading. Click here to see what the customers at say about this classic self-help book.

7 strategies for Wealth and Happiness, Jim Rohn
7 Strategies for Wealth & HappinessJim Rohn has written a lot of excellent books, it is difficult to select just one of them. But given the small size and the wealth of information in this book, we think this is his best book. His style is down to earth but powerful, containing a lot of simple advice that is easy to apply. This book is a masterpiece, read it many times over. Do not get fooled by the small size, the book contains a lot of useful information. Afterwards you may want to have look at other books written by Jim Rohn. Click here to see what the customers at think about this gem.

Maximum Achievement, Brian Tracy
Maximum AchievementBrian Tracy has written plenty of books about personal development and sales. The book we like most is Maximum Achievement. It is a very good manual for a successful life, covering all important aspects. Tracy is good at giving practical advice and he does not waste much space on fluff. If you read and follow the advice in this book, you will be rewarded. Just remember that this involves quite a lot of work but success seldom happens by accident. Click here to see what the reviewers at say about this book

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey

7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleThis book was first published in 1990 and quickly become a bestseller. The book covers both personal and professional effectiveness. Covey has included a lot of material, which is both good and bad. Good since the book covers a lot of different topics but it also makes the book tougher to read. It is best to focus on one chapter at a time and not try to read the whole book at once. In any case, the book certainly contains a lot of useful information. If you want to become more productive, then you have to read this book. Here you can find out what the customers at say about this book.

Secrets of Power Negotiating, Roger Dawson

Secrets of Power NegotiatingLike it or not but if you want to be successful in life, you have to be good at negotiating. If you want to learn from the best, then get some of Roger Dawson’s books. Dawson has written several books about negotiating, most of them are well worth reading. Secrets of Power Negotiating is one of the best books ever written about negotiating. Make sure to read this book several times so you know the stuff inside out. After all, it is difficult to become too good at negotiating. Click here to go to and see for yourself what other people say about this book.

The E-Myth Revisited, Michael E. Gerber

The E-Myth RevisitedIf you are thinking of starting a business, then make sure that you have read this classic book to avoid making basic mistakes. Starting a business is something most people should consider. It is after all difficult getting rich working as an employee. Unfortunately, most small businesses fail quickly, despite that the owners often work long hours. Gerber explains why most small businesses fail and what to do about it. Obviously, this book does not guarantee success but if you have never been in business on your own, do yourself a favor and read this book before you get started. Click here to go to and see what other say about this book.

Think Big, Donald Trump & Bill Zanker
Think Big
Do you need help thinking big? Then this is the book for you. Donald Trump doesn’t need any introduction, he may have a number of shortcomings but he certainly knows how to think big. Bill Zanker may not be as well known as the Donald but quite clearly he knows how to make things happen and his parts of the book are both interesting and funny. If you need help becoming more successful, read this book and you will get plenty of useful ideas. We think this is by far the best of the books that mention Donald Trump as author. Click here to go to and see what others say about this book.


How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life, Alan Lakein

How To Get Control of your time and your lifeThis is an old book but it is still one of the absolutely best books about time management. It is a no-nonsense book, jam-packed with useful information, helping you to become more productive. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find this classic book but it is well worth searching for. Nowadays, David Allen’s books about time management are selling much better than this little gem but we prefer Lakein’s book. It is short and to the point. It is of course a question of personal taste, but we often find that Allen uses too many words to explain a simple concept. Anyway, time management is very important and everyone should have read more than one book about the topic. You can check out what others say about this great little book at, click here to go Amazon and check the availability and the customer reviews



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